The three confessions
Approximately 200X300 cm each confession room
Mixed-Media installations, sound, 2022
Heilig Hartkerk, Venlo

-Confession room_1_left side-

Confession room_1
Video installation, 00:02:38, sounds
Wooden pedestal, clay, screen, speaker, candle

In the first confession room, I shared a memory that made me feel uneasy. I analyzed its components. Then I realized I had confabulated what I said even though it genuinely happened.

-Confession room_2_left_close to the dais-

Confession room_2
The Tu’er Shen (rabbit god) is a Chinese deity who manages love and sex between homosexual people. He sits in the center compartment, and slowly the room gets the impact of the plague.

Installation, sounds
Clay, acrylic, fabric, silk, rope, jade, wooden pedestal, feather, sensor lights, sweet potato plants, smoke alarm (low batteries), curtain wood, curtain, electric motor

-Confession room_3_right side-

Confession room_3
Video Installation, 00:14:05, sounds
Screen, sweet potatoes, Han Chinese clothing, wooden pedestal

I did my first public performance in the Frank Taal of Rotterdam (2022). Then, I played this performance video to my parent, who has been living in an area with nothing related to contemporary art, to comment on it.