Lost in translation
Video installation, sound, dimension variable
Werkwarenhuis, Den Bosch, NL / Galerie SK, Solingen, DE

“Do we exchange information or emotions, feeling, etc., into effect even if we do not speak the same mother language?”
The idea comes from my previous job experience; I worked in an international Swiss artist residency program in Shanghai. I have spent time with many foreign artists from 6 months to 2 years. We are not able to speak our mother language. Thus, I often doubt that we have communicated.
I collected the “traces” from artists in residency by coincidence: a piece of their artwork, a music clip they made, a photo, or even a note or a tissue…I keep them carefully. After I resigned from my job, I contacted them through the social app (as they are already back in their countries). I requested them to answer three questions in their mother language. Then I translated the answer with a video(s) or photo(s) I made by the traces I collected. I didn’t use translation.