‘Intimate collections’
Mixed-Media installation
The installation consists of serval media, dimension variable
De Fuik 108, Den Bosch / Kunstpodium-T, Tilburg
2019 – 2020

One day, I noticed I have a “hobby” of complaining. It became a “routine” for some reason when I was in China, but I still kept it in a brand new environment – the Netherlands. I did it with ease, so much so that I barely noticed I did it frequently. It mostly ended with a voice message sent to an “unlucky” friend. Thus, I started continuously collecting my complaints with plastic bags once I felt I needed to complain. It happened
on any occasion, for example, when I was parking my bike, in a toilet, sitting on a train, high on weed cookies (accidentally), etc. I recorded my actions with my phone and then noted the date and time on the closed bag.
I take complaining as a research method because I noticed that we are so honest about our feeling when we complain. It reveals our subconscious. I usually complained about what was against my collective understanding of tradition in a new social context.

Exhibtion view in kunstpodium-T, Tliburg, 2021

Video, 00: 43: 43 min / sound, 107 plastic bags (2020)

Complaints projected on the wall

Process, and the exhibition view in De Fuik.

Collect and stick the complaints on the window, seeing how they grew.

The first exhibition in De Fuik, Den Bosch, 2020 
Left: video, 00: 24: 13 min, sound
Center: intimate collections, 73 plastic bags (2020)
Center: escaped conversations in notebook / A4 paper / 3 pages
Right: escaped conversations mounted on wall/ charcoal / A2 paper