A few months ago, I visited a group performance in a museum in Belgium. After the event, I asked the surrounding audience, “how do you like it?” (because I didn’t understand). They all answered me it was good without telling me why. I wondered about the reason, but they could not answer. After the same scenario happened many times, I realized “good” is a default answer; it implies you understand what happened.

Collective captions_1 (series)
Performance & installation, 2022
..ism project space, Den Haag

Lately, I got a chance to participate in a collective performance. Eleven artists and I performed(two hours) in …ism project space, Den Haag. My idea was to observe other people’s performances and leave a caption of the event. Instead of interpreting what they did, I wrote down what I instantly perceived/felt in one word/term on fabric. I picked up the most impressive words/terms and combined them into complete sentences. The result is the caption of the event.

The performance from fellow artists:

Finally result:

Hairy Tonijn wipe fully-concentrated ambulance underpants again.
Why toilet paper acts cute with two motorcycles?
Hungry itch, snart-phone squeeze NIKE ☑️ to meditation.
“Come – in”
Gas and ass mumble with an innocent face.
Splinter, no-ideas. run, seriously!